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If Donald Trump Played Pickleball – 10 Things You Would Likely Overhear on the Pickleball Courts

You could say my wife and I are political junkies.  We have already viewed, still 16 months out, considerable coverage of the 2016 presidential hopefuls – coverage ranging from Morning Joe – to CSPAN – to the primetime and undercard debates on Fox News.  With Donald Trump maintaining sizeable leads in New Hampshire, Iowa and national polls, I thought it would be interesting (and hopefully, entertaining) to pontificate on what pickleball would be like when playing “The Donald.”

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Overheard on the Pickleball Courts

  1. Women absolutely adore me.  They all want me to be their pickleball mixed doubles partner.
  2. They’re using a “stacking” strategy?  That’s a terrible idea.  My strategies are better and they are terrific.  Believe me!
  3. I’ve won a lot of medals playing pickleball.  My opponents?  Not so much.
  4. 5.0 isn’t a high enough rating for me and my abilities.  Believe me!
  5. Dink shots are for losers.
  6. Have I ever apologized to my doubles partner for making an unforced error?  I don’t know… I doubt it.  I don’t really make mistakes on the court.
  7. My #MakePickleballGreatAgain hat is now available online.
  8. The head guy at the USAPA just called.  He is a great guy & assures me that “Trump” will be treated fairly in upcoming matches by the refs.  His word is always good.
  9. This so-called ladder league is a total joke.  Don’t come to my office seeking a rematch.  You are a clown.
  10. Everyone loves me.  They will take off work – and pay a lot of money – just to watch me warm up.  Believe me!

Pickleball would certainly be entertaining with Donald Trump.  There is no debating that.  Both pickleball (fastest growing sport in America) and Donald Trump have benefited from a meteoric rise in popularity.  Let’s keep a good thing going (pickleball) and see where the political winds are blowing next November.

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See you on the courts!

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  1. I love your website, lots of great advice and tips. I loved the What if Donald Trump played Pickleball, Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush. You must do one for Bernie and Ben.

    1. Thanks, Neal. I tend to agree that Bernie and Ben need a blog post sometime soon. There’s sure seems to be plenty of material for each! Thanks for stopping by. See you on the courts!

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