A Portable Pickleball Net, A Temporary Court and Condo Association Regulations — This Could Get Interesting!

Spring and summer means transitioning from indoor pickleball to outdoor pickleball. Exit the poorly lit gymnasium, indecipherable court lines and slippery floor and enter the swirling wind and “blinding” sunshine. I wouldn’t have it any other way — even with the excuses!.

And now with summer officially just several days away, we’re all likely knee-deep in our outdoor pickleball routine – the routine in which we play at such-and-such-a-spot from 9:00AM until noon on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays – and from 6:00PM to 9:00PM somewhere else on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.

That routine, however, may come with its own set of challenges. For example, with limited outdoor facilities – depending on your geographic location – you may very well be traveling 30 minutes to an hour away just to get in some competitive play.

Portable Pickleball Net — A Convenient Option!

I feel that pain. With limited outdoor options, I find myself making a 19-minute commute (without traffic) to play – a 30 minute commute with traffic… which is why I couldn’t resist a more convenient option – a portable pickleball net.


Of course, A portable net necessitates “building” your own pickleball court – and, if done “strategically” – garnering a palatable “home-court” advantage with a hanging tree limb positioned in just the right spot that makes it difficult for the unsuspecting opponent — or court dimensions that are “inadvertently” miscalculated on just one side and known only to you.  Did I just say that?  Ha!

What will Larry Say?

While we don’t have a backyard (we live in a condominium community) in which to construct our own permanent court, the plan is to build a temporary court in the nearby cul-de-sac. I measured the width of the street and it’s just the right space — with even a foot or two on each side of the net to spare!  I’m not sure how this plan will fly, however, with our 100+ page condo association regulations. I have a bad feeling that after several thumps of the ball, our play will be suspended by our condo association president, Larry – who [in]conveniently happens to live on the same street – albeit several buildings down from the proposed setup.  I’ll let you know in the coming weeks if my setup is short-lived or if it will be a viable longer term option.

Hopefully, we’ll be permitted to play. There’s a lot of people in the community to whom I would like to introduce the sport.

Please Share Your Experiences

Have you built a pickleball court? I would love to hear your experiences.  Has it been constructed in such a way so as to give you an inherent advantage to “unsuspecting” opponents?  Shown below are a couple of pretty cool set-ups!  I especially like the viewing area… See you on the courts!

Coach Todd
About Todd

Todd is the talent behind PickleballMAX. He knows pickleball and demonstrates it on the court as a 4.5 – 5.0 player. In addition to creating content and running the PickleballMAX business, Todd is IPTPA Level II certified. As an instructor at the Ohio Pickleball Academy, he instructs students and runs adult and youth clinics. He also manages tournament desks throughout the tri state for tournaments ranging from 100-500 participants.

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  1. Enjoyed your article. I hope Larry ends up being the guy who loves the game more than anyone else on the block. Good luck and hope peer pressure wins out over the Larry’s of the neighborhoods. If not maybe chocolate! :0)

  2. Had to laugh at your story of playing in the cul-de-sac! When we were kids in Canada we set up nets for street hockey. Every time a car came by one of us would yell “car” and we had to quickly move the nets. Those were great days!

    1. Yep, I can relate. I lived several years in metro-Detroit and the kids there did the same! We’ll see how the pickleball net goes. There’s very little traffic where I’m gonna set up the net!

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