Pro-Lite Titan Pro Pickleball Paddle

It’s been called a “real game-changer,” a paddle that provides superior control at the net with more than enough harnessed power.  One blogger boasts, “… if going to the next level of pickleball is your goal, the Titan is the paddle to do it.”


If it’s Good Enough for Jimmy [Connors]…

I hate switching equipment.  I just do.  In tennis, I started playing with a wood racket.  Then, reluctantly, I converted from wood to the over-sized aluminum, Prince Classic.  Later, my go-to racket was the black aluminum Prince Pro. Perhaps you remember it. I played with this racket for many years – even when others were making the switch to graphite.  Perhaps it was because on the tennis courts I idolized Jimmy Connors – and he stubbornly played with his Wilson T-2000 all the way to 1987 – long after the other pros were switching to newer racket technologies. Perhaps I, too, was stubborn in thinking that performance wasn’t predicated on technology – but rather that performance was solely dependent upon the person holding the racket.  In hindsight, there’s some truth to both.  It is the player – but the technology doesn’t hurt either.

I Caved to Peer Pressure!

Pro-Lite Titan - Royal Blue
Pro-Lite Titan Pro

Fast forward about 30 years.  I purchased my very first pickleball paddle – Pro-Lite’s Impact Graphite about three years ago.  I really liked it.  It was light and had some pop to it.  Once again, however, I didn’t want to switch equipment simply for the sake of switching equipment.  Three years later, in July 2016, I succumbed to the hype.  Seemingly “everyone” that was playing with Pro-Lite paddles were converting over to the Titan Pro.  I took the plunge and purchased the paddle.

My initial observation before actually hitting the courts with the Titan Pro was that the paddle was heavier than the Impact Graphite (7.4 – 7.8 oz. versus 7.1 – 7.3 oz) and had a larger grip (4 ¼” versus 4 1/8”).  As a former tennis player, I liked that.  I also liked the fact that the Titan Pro has a guaranteed “1 Year free of defects and 5 year no dead-spot warranty.”

So How Did The Titan Pro Play?

As is the case anytime you switch equipment, particularly a racket or paddle, it took a little time to get used to — especially on the groundstrokes.  My dinking game and volleys, however, were noticeably improved.  My errors were quite dramatically minimized at the net when getting into a “dinking contest” with my opponent. And perhaps that is reason enough to stick with the Pro-Lite Titan Pro.   In pickleball I have come to realize that points are won at the net.  It’s not a matter of overpowering your opponents – but rather of showing more patience… which requires a mastery of the dinking game – a component definitely helped by the Titan Pro.

If you are interested in Pro-Lite’s Titan Pro, check it out here for additional information and specs.  In the meantime, I’ll be dinking my way to a higher level.  At least that’s what they tell me!  See you on the courts!

Pro-Lite Rebel PowerSpin

Rebel - Blue
Pro-Lite Rebel PowerSpin

The Pro-Lite Rebel PowerSpin was just launched earlier today. The Rebel PowerSpin is constructed of Pro-Lite’s polymer QuadCore™ technology, (lightweight, quiet, durable, powerful) and features Pro-Lite’s exclusive MicroEdge™ guard.  Check out the Rebel’s specs and additional information here.  I have placed an order for this paddle and look forward to reviewing it for you shortly.

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