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Pickleball Passion Meter — What’s your Score?

If you’re like me, you are addicted to the game of pickleball.  I have previously expounded on  10 reasons why I love pickleball — from the numerous health benefits, to the competition to the social aspect of the game. On the pickleball passion meter, I would arguably be classified as “thermo-nuclear.”

It’s your turn.  Take the following 10-question quiz and find out where you would be categorized on the Pickleball Passion Meter. These questions and answers are tongue-in-cheek. Please don’t take it too seriously!

Take the Quiz

On average, how many times per week do you play pickleball?
  • [0-1] I rarely, if ever, play pickleball in a given week.
  • [1-2] I try to play once or twice per week, although that doesn’t happen every week.
  • [3-4] You can find me on the court about every-other-day.
  • [5+] I’m on the court most days.
Approximately what percentage of your total pickleball time in a given week is spent drilling & practicing?
  • [0%] Why would I want to drill or practice when I can play games?
  • [10%] If I’m waiting for a game to play and don’t have an existing foursome, I “might” warm-up/drill with another person waiting to play.
  • [25%] I understand the value and importance of practicing and committing my shots to muscle muscle-memory.
  • [40%+] I want to get better & better and my practice/drill times reflect that.
You are visiting the in-laws whom you haven’t seen in over a year. After a bit of research you learn that there is a pickleball group just 20 minutes away. Which scenario below applies to you?
  • No pickleball for you. You spend all your time catching up with family.
  • You spend time with the family, but you keep talking about pickleball back home.
  • You tell the in-laws a little, white lie that gets you out of the house and on the pickleball courts one to two times that week for about an hour each time.
  • You disappear and sneak out to play pickleball every night that week (under the lights) without anyone being the wiser.
Registration for your favorite USAPA-sanctioned pickleball tournament is set to begin. Do you…
  • I have never played in a pickleball tournament and never will.
  • Wait for your partner to register.
  • Register on the first day registration opens.
  • Plop down on the computer a full hour before registration opens and constantly refresh the browser.
Have you eaten/played at Chicken N Pickle?
  • What’s Chicken N Pickle?
  • I’ve heard of Chicken N Pickle, but don’t know what it is.
  • Heck yes. Great games & great atmosphere.
  • Absolutely. I have even requested information about becoming a franchise owner!
It’s Saturday morning, 36 degrees and sunny outside. Do you…
  • Go back to bed, hide under the covers and try to stay warm.
  • Watch some YouTube videos, perhaps even a pickleball instructional video.
  • Find an indoor venue with open-play pickleball times.
  • Shovel snow if need be, bundle up and head outdoors to play pickleball!!! BRRRR….
Open play times are from 10:00 AM until 3:00 PM. How long do you play?
  • You don’t play because it’s Saturday and a “Honey-Do” list needs to be done.
  • Perhaps an hour.
  • 1-3 hours.
  • Until you get kicked out.
You are sidelined with an injury. Do you…
  • Heed the doctor’s advice of no activity, including pickleball.
  • Watch your friends play pickleball, even though you’re unable.
  • Practice and drill without aggravating the injury – perhaps even using your non-dominant hand as necessary.
  • Disregard the doctor’s advice and play – and play to win!
What does “one more game” mean to you?
  • I have no idea what you’re talking about.
  • Just what I said, “one more game.”
  • Likely a minimum of 3 more games – or 1 hour – whichever comes first.
  • Absolutely nothing. If I said it, I certainly didn’t mean it.
You just returned from the orthopedic specialist regarding your recurring knee pain. He has suggested surgery. When do you schedule the surgery?
  • It doesn’t really matter when, as I will no longer be playing pickeball.
  • At the first available opening with this highly-regarded surgeon, so that I can get back on the pickleball courts soon.
  • At season’s end, so that you will have a couple-of-months layoff before playing again.
  • Between pickleball tournaments so as not to interfere with your tournament schedule.


If you selected a majority of first answers, you are FRIGID. If you selected a majority of second answers, you are HO-HUM. If you selected a majority of third answers, you are SIZZLIN’. And last, but not least, if you selected a majority of fourth answers, you are THERMO-NUCLEAR!

See you on the courts!

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