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Top 10 Pickleball Blog Posts of 2019

The first couple of weeks of the new year is typically reserved for setting goals, penciling in action steps to achieve those goals and looking forward to a new year, and, in our case, a new decade.

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But before getting too far ahead of ourselves,  I wanted to simply take a minute and reminisce about the year that was, 2019.  So without further ado, shown below are our top 10 most read pickleball blog posts in 2019.

# 10.  Does Pickleball Paddle Technology Really Matter?

Published in November, 2019, this blog post cracked the Top 10 as the 10th most read blog post in 2019. This post addresses the importance (or, perhaps, lack thereof) of playing with best-in-class pickleball paddle technology. The post includes a video showcasing a dinking battle between two good friends — one using the “latest-and-greatest” paddle technology — and one wielding a 99 cent frying pan!

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# 9.  Pickleball Dedicated Indoor Venues that will Turn you Green with Envy — Unless, of course, You Already Regularly Play at one of these Facilities!!!

Published in November, 2019 as well, this blog post also cracked the Top 10 as the 9th most read blog post in 2019.  This post is a roundup of 10+ dedicated, indoor pickleball venues that are really cool— complete with images from their respective website or Facebook page.

# 8.  Playing Keep-Away from the “Best” Player on the other Team — Good Idea or Inconsiderate Strategy? 

Absolutely nothing gets my blood boiling like being on the receiving end of “Keep-Away” during rec play.  Although this blog post was published in November, 2017, this still occurs with way too much regularity.  Playing for the sole purpose of winning a rec game makes absolutely no sense to me.  Evidently, I am not alone with my frustration and exasperation. This post came in as the 8th most read post in 2019.

# 7.  Top 10 Technique & Strategy Flaws Impeding Your Pickleball Progress

Most of us can relate. We exhibit meteoric pickleball improvement and progress during the first several weeks or months of playing — or perhaps, even years — and then, we hit a performance plateau.  This post highlighted 10 potential technique and strategy flaws that may be negatively impacting your game.  It evidently resonated with many of you as this post was the 7th most read post in 2019.

# 6.  Pickleball Comes Back Over Net without Being Touched — Who Wins the Rally?

Many of our readers like consuming and debating “pickleball rules” posts.  This post was the most read of these rules posts and 6th most read blog post on the site.  Evidently, many of you like to hit with excessive backspin.

# 5.  Pickleball Court Size — What are the Dimensions of a Pickleball Court?

With many of you either temporarily taping pickleball lines at your local YMCA or Community Center — or, perhaps, building your own backyard pickleball court, the pickleball court dimensions post came in as the 5th most read blog post in 2019.

# 4.  Legal or Illegal Pickleball Serve? What say You?

The serve. Nothing seems to stir up as much debate in pickleball circles as a serve that is questionable with respect to its legality.  My dad had to deal with this where he plays pickleball.  In this post, I included video and still frames that definitively answer that question.  This was the 4th most read post in 2019.

# 3.  Pickleball Singles — Scoring & Strategy

Although singles — as a general rule — isn’t played nearly as often as doubles in pickleball, this post still came in as the 3rd most read blog post in 2019. The post outlines how scoring differs from that of doubles — and also highlights key strategy differences when playing singles as compared to doubles.

# 2.  Pickleball Etiquette — Unwritten Rules (until now) for the Pickleball Newbie… and for some Experienced Players too!!!

With over 70 comments to date on the blog post — and many, many more on Facebook, the etiquette post checked in as the 2nd most read post in 2019. The blog post highlights my top 10 etiquette rules for pickleball – rules that you won’t find in any official pickleball tournament handbook or rulebook.

# 1.  Pickleball Doubles Scoring – 3-Number Scores, Side-Outs and Red Wristbands!

Originally published in 2015 — and updated again in 2019 — this is a blog post that helps explain scoring, positioning, who-serves-when-and-from-where and much more for the pickleball newbie. This was the most read blog post in 2019.

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