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Jigsaw Electrolytes Provide Optimum Hydration for Pickleball

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Whether playing a rec game or competing in a tournament, it’s important to stay hydrated on the pickleball court. Hydration not only comes from drinking plenty of water, but it also comes from having balanced electrolytes. As seen below, Jigsaw electrolytes can provide an easy option for staying hydrated. Use code PICKLEBALLMAX10 for $10 off!

jigsaw electrolytes
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Unfortunately, even if you drink the recommended 8-10 glasses of water each day, you still might not be properly hydrated. Due to the reverse osmosis process that water goes through to eliminate contaminants, it also removes important minerals, virtually stripping away important electrolytes.

What are Electrolytes?

“Electrolytes are essential minerals in your body that are necessary for proper nerve and muscle function, the body-fluid balance, and other critical processes” such as rebuilding damaged tissue. It’s so important to have plenty of electrolytes for peak performance on the pickleball court.

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Electrolytes include:

  • Sodium
  • Potassium
  • Calcium
  • Bicarbonate
  • Magnesium
  • Chloride
  • Phosphate

The balance of electrolytes in your body constantly changes. Playing an intense game of pickleball – or even standing in the heat while watching a pickleball tournament – can cause you to sweat and decrease your electrolyte levels.

We’ve all undoubtedly seen players struggle in the heat while competing on the pickleball courts. They don’t keep hydrated throughout the day – become depleted in electrolytes – and are ready to “pass out” in the afternoon.

How do I Know if My Electrolytes are Low?

If you are feeling dehydrated, or experience any of the following symptoms, your electrolytes may need to be replenished:

  • Weakness
  • Fatigue
  • Changes in blood pressure
  • Confusion
  • Numbness
  • Muscle spasm
  • Nausea
  • Irregular heartbeat

Do You Need to Replenish Electrolytes?

Yes, you might need to. If you are someone who plays pickleball in the heat or is someone who constantly sweats, you will definitely need to replenish electrolytes. Don’t wait until you experience problems. Add electrolytes to your drinking water before problems occur.

“The right amount of electrolytes in your body is needed for optimal health and physical performance.”

Let’s look at some electrolyte options.

Gatorade – Not the Best Option

Many adhere to the belief that Gatorade is helpful when it comes to replenishing electrolytes. Although Gatorade may, indeed, contain ingredients to help replenish electrolytes, it also – unfortunately – contains sugar, artificial sweeteners, and food dyes.

  • Gatorade contains large amounts of sugar. Sugar can contribute to a host of unintended issues such as obesity, diabetes, and tooth decay.
  • In their low-calorie options, Gatorade uses artificial sweeteners. According to widespread research, artificial sweeteners may have toxic effects on gut microbes. This can cause a wide range of health issues.
  • Additionally, Gatorade “contains food dyes, such as Red No. 40, Blue No. 1, and Yellow No. 5. These artificial dyes are derived from petroleum and may increase the risk of hyperactivity in children. They’ve also been linked to cancer.”

There is no need to expose yourself to these harmful ingredients when trying to replenish electrolytes. Fortunately, there are better options.

Jigsaw Electrolytes – A Better Option

A much better alternative to Gatorade are products from Jigsaw Health. Jigsaw Health was started in 2005 by a father and son team. Their company name, Jigsaw Health, is a nod to their extensive research into their own health challenges – fitting pieces together much like a jigsaw puzzle.

The ingredients in Jigsaw Health products are highly absorbable and are bio-available forms of nutrients. Their products are free of preservatives, artificial colors, flavorings, and non-essential additives. Sounds like a win to me!

Jigsaw – because of their love of the sport – has a product line that caters specifically to pickleball players.

Jigsaw pickleball products include a pickleball cocktail, electrolyte supreme, and MagSoothe.

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With respect to hydration and maintaining a proper balance of electrolytes, Jigsaw provides a sugar-free electrolyte powder that contains complementary minerals & vitamins to transform plain water into a nourishing, energy-boosting beverage.

Their Electrolyte Supreme powder helps pickleball players in several critical areas:

  • Replenish key electrolytes and minerals
  • Promote healthy, relaxed muscle tone and function
  • Promote athletic recovery
  • Support steady energy production
  • Enhance hydration
  • Maintain proper fluid balance within cells

The Electrolyte Supreme powder is also gluten-free, soy-free, GMO-free, and caffeine-free.

It’s easy to keep Jigsaw’s on-the-go electrolyte packets in your pickleball bag to have on hand for when you need it. Between games, just add it to your water bottle to rehydrate.

Keep extra packets in your bag so you can give one to a fellow player who is feeling dehydrated. Believe me, they will definitely appreciate it!

So the next time you’re feeling a little dehydrated – or better yet, well before you get to that point – be sure to try Jigsaw electrolytes so you can feel your best off-and-on the pickleball court.  Jigsaw products include a “90-day, hassle-free, FULL money-back guarantee… that includes the cost of shipping.”

See you on the courts!

For additional information, see this article: Everything you Need to Know About Electrolytes.

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