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Pickleball Paddle Covers to Protect Your Paddle

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Have you recently bought a nice, new pickleball paddle? There’s something about a new paddle that hasn’t been used yet. It doesn’t have dings, blemishes, or scratches. It has a smooth paddle face. The edging isn’t scuffed.

To keep your paddle in top shape, it’s important to protect it. That’s where pickleball paddle covers come in.

With many pickleball paddles costing over $100, it’s important to do what you can to keep your paddle in good condition. You don’t want to only get a couple of good games out of the paddle before you drop it on the ground and ding it.

Before we go too far, here is our list of the best pickleball paddle covers:

Without further ado, the following are what we believe to be great options for paddle covers.

Amy & Lulu Paddle Cover Tote

Ame Lulu Paddle cover

Material: Canvas construction

Cover Size: 17″ L x 6″ wide x 13.5″ height

Paddle Size: Fits most paddles

Price: $$$

Additional Info:  This is a great paddle case if you’re looking to combine a paddle case with a pickleball bag.

NFL Paddle Cover

NFL Paddle Cover

Material: Made of PU Leather (80%)/ Foam (15%) / Acrylic (15%)

Cover Size: 15.5″ L x 8″ W

Paddle Size: Fits most standard paddles

Price: $$

Additional Info: Has a felt liner. Select your favorite NFL team for the cover.

ProKennex Paddle Cover

ProKennex Paddle Cover

Material: Made of neoprene

Cover Size: 11.5″ L x 9.5″ W (Standard); 13″ L x 9.5″ W (Oval)

Paddle Size: Fits most paddles

Price: $

Additional Info: Has reinforced stitching on the sides. Comes in 2 different styles.

Pickleball Central Paddle Cover

pickleball central paddle cover

Material: Made of neoprene

Cover Size: 12″ L x 10″ W

Paddle Size: Fits most paddles

Price: $

Additional Info: Comes in various colors to choose from. The Pickleball Central logo is small on the cover, so if you don’t want to support any particular pickleball brand, this is a good option.

Selkirk Premium Paddle Case

selkirk paddle case

Material: Made of pliable PU leather with thick, soft terry fabric interior

Paddle Size: Fits all paddle sizes

Price: $$

Additional Info: This paddle case is one of the nicest ones on the market. Made with PU leather, it will keep your paddle dry in rain. It only fits 1 paddle, but it will fit any size.

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Why Do I Need a Pickleball Paddle Cover?

As previously mentioned, a pickleball paddle cover protects your paddle from things such as dings, scuffs, and scratches.

You may be someone who thinks you don’t need to spend extra money on a paddle cover. You feel that you spent enough money on your paddle and don’t want to spend any more on pickleball accessories. However, if you want to get your money’s worth out of your pickleball paddle, you need to take care of it. A pickleball cover will help you do that.

There have been times that Todd (Mr. PickleballMAX himself) has either dropped his paddle on the ground by accident, has his paddle lying out on a table at home and accidentally drops something on it, or has put his uncovered paddle into his pickleball bag along with his stainless steel water bottle, shoes, etc only to find a new ding or scratch when he pulls the paddle out of his bag.

As you can see there are many scenarios as to why you should have a paddle cover.

What is the Difference Between a Paddle Cover and Pickleball Bag?

Don’t confuse a pickleball bag with a pickleball paddle cover, or think that you don’t need a paddle cover if you have a bag.

A pickleball bag comes in various styles such as a sling bag, tote bag, and a duffle bag. Be sure to check out our pickleball bag post for more information on the different types of bags.

A pickleball bag is great for carrying all of your pickleball gear (balls, paddles, shoes, clothes, etc). Bags are large enough to hold everything. However, since they are large, a paddle can get lost in the bag, or rub up against other items that can create damage to your paddle.

A paddle cover is a cushioned encasement that fits snuggly around the face of your paddle. It is zippered right around the edge of your paddle face. The padded cover protects your paddle. Be sure to put a paddle cover on before putting your paddle in your bag.

What are Paddle Covers Made of?

Since paddle covers need to be strong enough to protect a paddle, the material that covers are typically made of is neoprene. Neoprene is a synthetic rubber. It is thick and cushiony. It provides enough padding around the pickleball paddle face to protect it.

In addition to neoprene covers, some paddle covers are made with canvas, leather, or cloth. Cloth can protect your paddle from scratches and scuffs, but they can still risk getting dinged.

Most pickleball paddle manufacturers sell paddle covers with their logo on them, however, if you don’t want to sport their logo, some covers can be customized to put whatever you want on them.

When shopping for a paddle cover, make sure it is one that will fully protect your paddle.

How Much Do Pickleball Paddle Covers Cost?

Pickleball paddle covers can vary in their price depending on the manufacturer and style of the cover. A typical paddle cover can cost anywhere from $10 to $20. If you have a cover and bag combo, the cost will be more.

Pickleball paddle covers can be purchased individually or as a part of a paddle set. Some pickleball paddles even come with their own cover.

There you have it – protect your paddle with these pickleball paddle covers!

See you on the court!

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