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Pickleball Christmas Gift Stocking Stuffers

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Are you looking for that perfect Christmas gift for the pickleball addict in your life? Fortunately, there are a lot of options when it comes to pickleball gifts! Everything from complimentary pickleball accessories to actual pickleball equipment.

The gifts that we recommend below complement a pickleball player. These gifts are smaller in size so they can fit into a Christmas stocking. These gifts are great for players to wear, keep in their pickleball bags, or display at home.

Pickleball Stocking Stuffers

Here’s our list of the pickleball Christmas gift stocking stuffers that we recommend. We will categorize them and mention more about the different gifts in the article below.

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Pickleball Christmas Gifts

The following are pickleball stocking stuffers divided into the following categories:

Use on the Court


Every player can always use pickleballs. Pickleballs can wear and crack over time, so it’s always good to have a stash on hand. Pickleballs come in different brands and colors. There are also different pickleballs to use for either indoor or outdoor play. Different pickleball clubs and tournaments can use different balls. Most players have their ball preferences. However, some of the popular pickleball brands are Onix and Franklin.

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Paddle Grip

Depending on how often someone plays, they can go through the overgrip on their pickleball paddle quite often. Grip, as the name implies, helps you to grip the handle of your paddle because of the tackiness that is applied. Grip also helps to absorb perspiration. Grip provides comfort when holding the paddle. Some like to have a thick grip while others prefer a thin one. Grips are made by different brands and come in different colors and designs. Gamma is a popular grip brand.

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Wear on the Court

Pickleball Jewelry

Wearing pickleball jewelry shows a love for the sport both on and off of the court. You can find earrings and necklaces in the shape of pickleballs and paddles. This pretty sterling silver pickleball pendant makes a perfect gift for the pickleball woman in your life.

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When being on the court for endless hours, it’s important to have comfortable shoes and socks. Socks come in a wide variety of brands, styles, and colors. When shopping for socks, look for ones that are durable, cushioned, and moisture-wicking such as these ones made by Adidas.

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Sweatbands are great for players who are on the court a lot or who play in warm weather. Sweatbands can be worn around your head or your wrists. Nobody likes sweat dripping down their forehead or all over their paddle handle. These sweatbands keep you dry and comfortable with their moisture-wicking design.

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For Your Health

Compression Sleeves

Compression sleeves aren’t only for those who have tennis elbow.  They can be worn by anyone who wants to improve blood flow and keep their arms warm and loose during a game. They can also be worn after a game to help with muscle recovery and reduce muscle soreness.

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It’s important to stay hydrated on the pickleball courts by drinking plenty of water and having balanced electrolytes. Jigsaw Health electrolytes can provide an easy option for staying hydrated. Their electrolytes come in convenient packets that make them easy to carry in a pickleball bag and pour into a water bottle. Jigsaw also has a Pickleball Cocktail product geared specifically for players.

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Kinesiology Tape

Kinesiology tape has elastic properties that give you freedom of motion without restricting muscles or blood flow. Wearing tape can help to prevent injuries, and reduce muscle fatigue and swelling. The tape also promotes circulation.

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Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are great to use off the court for keeping in shape. They help to strengthen and tone your muscles. Look good and feel good on the court after using these bands.

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For Fun

Pickleball Mug

This pickleball ceramic mug holds 11oz of your favorite hot beverage. It says “Coffee Now, Pickleball Later”. It’s a great gift for the pickleball enthusiast!

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Pickleball Christmas Gifts

It’s fun to shop for pickleball gifts! However, if you’re not familiar with the sport and are trying to find the perfect gift for the pickleball addict in your life, hopefully, this list has helped. Having a Christmas stocking stuffed with useful and fun pickleball gifts will surely brighten a pickleball player’s day.

If you want any other gift ideas, be sure to visit Fromuth Pickleball and use our code 10MAX for 10% off of your purchase.

Finally, as we head into Christmas, remember Jesus is the reason for the season. We wouldn’t be celebrating this time without Him.

Happy shopping!

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