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Introducing Pickleball User Reviews.com

We are excited to announce that we’ve launched a second website – PickleballUserReviews.com! We have had the idea for over a year, but building a website of this magnitude from scratch took time. So we are absolutely stoked to be able to finally bring the site to you!

Reviews Generated by You!

As the website name suggests, arguably the most important feature of Pickleball User Reviews.com is the user reviews feature – reviews not generated by us, the website administrators, but rather by you – the user. Reviews are left by those of you who have actually visited a venue or attended a camp or participated in a tournament.

Pickleball User Reviews will be a valuable resource for pickleball enthusiasts (addicts) to find great (and local) opportunities to play, compete or improve their game – and, perhaps most importantly, to leave reviews of their experiences so others can benefit from your good (or not-so-good) experience.

A Little Background

PickleballMAX has been in the pickleball industry for several years (as content creators, instructors, tournament directors, and tournament desk operators) and, like you, we have witnessed incredible growth over the past few years. It’s exhilarating to see so many people jumping into pickleball because, as we all know, it’s fun for all ages, provides exercise and sociability, and is easy to learn.

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With such rapid growth, however, comes the challenge of making the sport the best it can be.

We see multiple professional pickleball tours growing and big names from other sports getting involved – look no further than Lebron James, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, and Kim Clijsters. We see major companies jumping on board as sponsors and new products being developed.

As a player (especially a new player), the scale and speed of growth can be overwhelming. With this new website, we sought to address and solve two major challenges:

Challenge #1 – No Review Site to Share Tournament Experiences

Admittedly, this site was initially created to provide players an outlet to share their tournament experiences – the good, the bad, and the ugly. There’s no doubt, players love tournaments.  PickleballMAX knows tournaments. We’ve played them, managed them, and have run tournament desks. There’s substantial work that goes into running a good tournament. Unfortunately, some tournaments over-promise and under-deliver.

From the players’ perspective, there is considerable time, money, and travel invested when participating in a tournament. Players want to know which tournaments have been a good experience and which tournaments should be avoided. Up until now, players have shared their tournament experiences on social platforms.  However, there wasn’t a centralized website repository for tournament reviews.

Solution – A User Review Website to Rate & Review Pickleball Tournaments [& More!]

Pickleball User Reviews.com was developed to be a website that is created and updated by pickleball players, for pickleball players. Players – or spectators, volunteers, etc. – can add the tournament they participated in and, once the listing is approved, give it a review with various feature star ratings so other players will know if the tournament is worth the time and money to play in in the future. Within the review, the reviewer can also answer [optional] questions to give the review a bit more context for those reading the review and evaluating the tournament.

The tournament reviews also provide valuable feedback for the tournament director and staff so that changes (if any) can be implemented for future tournaments to make the players’ experience that much better.

While the website started out to address tournament reviews, it was clear that its application could and should be extended to include venues and camps (and more). That brings us to Challenge #2 which we addressed with this website.

Challenge #2 – No Centralized Directory that Lists State-of-the-Art Pickleball Venues, Camps, Etc.

The second challenge we identified was the need for a centralized pickleball directory – think Yelp for pickleball – where users/visitors can leave reviews detailing their personal experience(s) with respect to pickleball venues, camps, and more. Currently, the only way to find these venues or camps is to do an online search or ask for recommendations on social platforms. Sadly, if you don’t do the right search or ask the right question in the right pickleball group, you may be missing out on something really cool and exciting.

Pickleball User Reviews.com was built to be a destination site where you, as a pickleball addict, can find exciting listings (with user reviews) all in one place.

Future Phases

Similar to how pickleball has grown over time, Pickleball User Reviews.com will also continue to grow.

The first phase of this website has launched with tournaments, camps, and venues. In future phases, we will add additional categories.

Please visit PickleballUserReviews.com and let others know about the site. Be sure to leave a review for one of the venues, tournaments, or camps while you’re there. It is our desire that this website will continue to help grow the sport of pickleball and become a great resource for all players!

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About Teresa

Teresa is the idea-maker behind PickleballMAX. Teresa joins Todd to manage and market PickleballMAX. She creates pickleball content and assists with pickleball tournaments. In 2023, she wrote a pickleball devotional book titled Pickleball Is [Not] Life

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  1. I see the need for such a service as you have apparently developed and launched.
    I have played pickleball for 16 years, served as a USA Pickleball Ambassador for over 10 years and run 3-4 tournaments each year. My one concern is how these opinions will be moderated?

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