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Selkirk Pickleball Paddles: Top in the Industry

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If you’ve been around pickleball for any amount of time, you’ve likely heard of Selkirk Pickleball. They sponsor many of the pro tours. Their paddles have become a popular choice among players due to their innovative designs and exceptional quality.

In this article, we’ll explore what makes Selkirk a top pickleball brand and what makes it one of the best pickleball paddles in the market standing out as a game-changer for players.

updated April, 2024

Selkirk’s Commitment to the Pickleball Community

Selkirk is a family-owned business that was founded in 2014 by brothers, Rob and Mike and their father Jim Barnes. The Barnes were passionate about the game and set out to be the market leader in the sport. They strive to deliver high-performance equipment and improve the pickleball community as a whole.

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Selkirk is based in Idaho. The business was named after the Selkirk Mountains in the Northwest.

Selkirk offers a wide range of paddles. They also offer bags, apparel, hats, balls, and paddle accessories that are all specifically designed for pickleball players.

When it comes to improving the pickleball community, Selkirk sponsors many pro tours and tournaments across the country. They support local clubs and facilities with equipment. They also sponsor many pickleball podcasts and offer Selkirk TV in an effort to help grow the sport.

Pickleball Paddles from Selkirk Sports

Selkirk offers various paddles to meet every player’s needs. Currently, Selkirk offers 3 different paddle brands with multiple paddles under each brand.

The Selkirk paddle brands are:

Underneath these brands, Selkirk offers several paddles broken down as follows:

Selkirk Sports

Selkirk Labs

  • Project 001
  • Project 002
  • Project 003
  • Project 004
  • Project 005
  • Project 006

SLK by Selkirk

  • Halo
  • Evo 2.0
  • Latitude 2.0
  • Omega

What are the Differences Between Selkirk Paddles?

To understand the differences between Selkirk paddles, let’s look at each brand.

Selkirk Sport

Selkirk Sport is their flagship brand. It provides high-quality paddles for beginners to pros. These high-performance paddles are handcrafted in the USA using the finest materials and proprietary, leading-edge technology.

Each Selkirk Sport paddle has multiple shapes that are offered. Shapes that are offered are the Epic, S2, Invikta, Max and XL.

  • Epic paddles have a traditional paddle shape with a standard handle
  • S2 paddles have a classic shape with a short handle (larger sweet spot)
  • Invikta paddles have an elongated face and standard handle
  • Max paddles have a traditional shape with a generous sweet spot
  • XL paddles have a narrow sweet spot with added reach

SLK Pickleball Paddles

The SLK brand of paddles was created to champion the next generation of pickleball players. These paddles strive to deliver high quality with the latest technology at an affordable price point.

One of Selkirk’s goals has always been to bring pickleball to a larger community. However, they understood that not everyone has the desire or the budget to invest in a premium paddle. The SLK paddles meet that demand with their quality paddles offered at a lower retail price.

The SLK paddles are manufactured with overseas partners and undergo USA-based quality control.

Selkirk Labs Project

Selkirk is committed to innovation when it comes to paddle technology. As such, they developed Selkirk Labs to deliver the highest-performing paddles. Selkirk Labs has become the independent research & development division of Selkirk Sport.

To produce the highest quality paddles, Selkirk produces hundreds of prototypes, but only less than 1% make it to market after all of the testing that it goes through.

Selkirk Labs offers players a membership program to participate in paddle projects. The membership gives players access to be the first to know about the latest designs and concepts, beta test new paddles, and provide feedback on the latest technology.

Wide Range of Options to Suit Every Player

Selkirk offers paddles to suit beginner to advanced players. Their paddles cover a wide range of price points and come in different shapes and styles. Whether you want edgeless paddles, ones with a long handle, a wide face, great control, or more, they have you covered.

Are you looking for a paddle with ultimate power and Spin?

Try the Vanguard Power Air. It’s the paddle of choice by many pro-level pickleball players.

The Vanguard Power Air came about after 2 years of research. It has an edgeless design that offers an elevated feel. It has a supercore polymer honeycomb core and ProSpin+ NextGen texture for spin. It is the paddle with the air dynamic throat.

Vanguard Power Air technology was developed to provide a paddle that enables full control of the court, with performance power and maximum spin.

Are you looking for a paddle with control?

Try the Vanguard Control.

Made with a Raw QuadCarbon Fiber Face, and paired with the Vanguard X5+ honeycomb core, it’s built using a non-thermoformed process to heighten the paddle’s control capabilities. It provides unwavering consistency.

Trusted by Top Pickleball Players

Selkirk sponsors many top pickleball pros such as:

  • Jack Sock
  • Catherine Parenteau
  • Dylan Frazier
  • Paris Todd
  • James Ignatowich
  • Jackie Kawamoto
  • Jade Kawamoto
  • Maggie Brascia
  • Mary Brascia
  • Rachel Rohrabacher
  • Pablo Tellez
  • Lauren Stratman
  • Susannah Barr
  • Rob Nunnery

Shipping and Warranty Information For Paddles

Selkirk offers free shipping for orders over $35.

Selkirk Sport paddles come with a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.

SLK paddles come with a 1-year warranty.

They offer 30-day hassle-free returns/exchange policy.


How Long Do Selkirk Paddles Last?

Most paddles last between 1-5 years depending on how often you play, how hard you play, and how well you take care of your paddle. Causal rec players can usually make a paddle last longer than those who play often or in tournaments. Keep in mind that pickleball is growing rapidly and paddle technology is constantly upgrading, so purchasing a new paddle within 2-3 years isn’t unusual.

Are Selkirk Paddles Made in the USA?

Yes, Selkirk Sports paddles are designed and made in the USA. SLK paddles are manufactured overseas.

What are Selkirk Paddles Made of?

Selkirk uses the same carbon fiber as popular rocket companies in the manufacturing of their paddles. It comes with a high tensile strength. Their paddles are made with a polypropylene core.

Which Selkirk Paddle is Best?

It depends on your skill level and personal preference. Selkirk makes high-performance, high-quality paddles. If you prefer power paddles with control, then the Amped is the best. If you think paddles that offer power and spin are the best, then the Vanguard Power Air is the best. If you consider a higher price point to be a determining factor, then the Selkirk Labs Project 003 is the best paddle with a price over $300.

Which Selkirk paddle has the biggest sweet spot?

The S2 has the largest surface area and the largest sweet spot. It has a classic shape and a short handle.

Take Your Game to the Next Level with Selkirk

Overall, Selkirk paddles are an excellent choice for anyone looking to take their game to the next level. With their innovative designs and dedication to supporting the pickleball community, Selkirk is not only a top brand in the sport, but a leader in the pickleball industry as a whole.

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