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Pickleball Terminology: So Many Acronyms to Know

Pickleball has been around since the 1960’s, but it shot up in popularity and has become the fastest growing sport in the United States over the past few years. It’s a great game and it’s no wonder it’s so popular! It’s fun, social, great for all ages, and easy to learn.

The sport has grown so quickly in popularity that it’s hard to keep up with all of the constant changes. As the sport has grown, so have the pickleball terms, acronyms and abbreviations. For a list of over 100 pickleball terms that will help you understand the game better when you’re on the court, click here.

For a list of pickleball acronyms you might want to know, keep reading. It’s hard to believe, but there are a ton of abbreviations and acronyms when it comes to pickleball and its organizations. The following are 50 acronyms in the United States; however, there are many pickleball organizations (with acronyms) springing up all over the world!

Pickleball Acronyms (in alphabetical Order)

– A –

APP – Association of Pickleball Players

ADF – Average Deflection Force

AMB – Pickleball Ambassador

ARC – Athletic and Recreational Complexes

ATL – Area Team Leader

ATP – Around-the-Post Shot

ATS – Advanced Training Session

– C –

CPI – Certified Pickleball Instructor

– D –

DA – District Ambassador

DUPR – Dynamic Universal Pickleball Ratings

– E –

EEC – Equipment Evaluation Committee

– G –

GPF – Global Pickleball Federation

GPR – Global Pickleball Rankings

– I –

IPF – International Pickleball Federation

IPTPA – International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association

– M –

MD – Men’s Doubles

MLP – Major League Pickleball

MMP – Medal Match Plus

MTO – Medical Time Out

MXD – Mixed Doubles Match

– N –

NCPA – National Collegiate Pickleball Association

NPL – National Pickleball League

NSGA – National Senior Games Association

NVL – Non-Volley Line

NVZ – Non-Volley Zone

– P –

PB – Abbreviation for Pickleball

PBR – Performance Based Ratings

PBX – PBX Pickleball

PCI – Pickleball Coaching International

PFA – Pickleball Federation of Americas

PPA – Professional Pickleball Association

PPR – Professional Pickleball Registry

– R –

ROS – Return of Serve

RR – Round Robin

– S –

SBR – Skilled Based Ratings

SGA – State Games of America

SSIPA – Super Senior International Pickleball Association

– T –

TO – Time Out

TOC – Tournament of Champions

– U –

UPA – United Pickleball Association

USAP – United States of America Pickleball Association

USSP – U.S. Senior Pickleball

UTPR – USAPA Tournament Player Ratings

UTR-P – Universal Tennis Rating – Pickleball

– W –

WD – Women’s Doubles

WOSPB – World Series of Pickleball

WPC – World Pickleball Championship

WPF – World Pickleball Federation

WPR – World Pickleball Rating

WPT – World Pickleball Tour


There you have it – 50 pickleball terminologies, acronyms and abbreviations! It’s hard to believe this little sport that someone created in their backyard years ago has become the mammoth that it is today.

Please let us know in the comments below if you hear of any other pickleball abbreviations or acronyms when you’re out on court. We’d be glad to add them to this list.

See you on the court!

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