The 2022 Pickleball Planner


132 spiral bound pages including calendars + tips/strategies + trackers + more to help you achieve your goals on-and-off the court!

2022 planner

Designed Specifically for the Pickleball Addict!

  • Chock Full of technique checklists, strategies, tips,  trackers and more.
  • Helps you keep track of rec games, drilling sessions, lessons and clinics.
  • Keep motivated with motivational quotes throughout!

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“Keep organized and manage your time better on and off the pickleball court with the Pickleball Planner!"

By purchasing the Pickleball Planner, you will realize the following benefits:

Goal Attainment

Armed with multiple pages of weekly and monthly trackers, you are able to objectively chart your pickleball progress and improvement

Focus & Motivation

Loaded with 50+ weekly motivational quotes from influential athletes, coaches and leaders, you are sure to be inspired on-and-off the pickleball courts


Filled with 50+ insightful health, strategy, practice, mental toughness, etiquette and tournament tips, you will elevate your game in no time

"I am loving my planner..."

"I purchased the Pickleball Planner for my husband, Rick, for Christmas. It's Awesome!!! It's more than a Planner! I'm giving him until Jan 31 to use it before I snatch it up. Thank You!"

- Odessa H. 

Achieve Your Goals On and Off the Court!

Purchase the Pickleball Planner for $34.99  $24.99 + shipping & handling

(Ordering 2 or more planners? Use code 'MULTI10' for 10% off your entire purchase!)

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The Pickleball Planner is a 132-page spiral-bound 6"x9" book with calendars, trackers, pickleball strategies & tips, motivational quotes and more that will help you manage your time and up your pickleball game! 


Get Organized Both On-and-Off the Court

With monthly and weekly calendars designed specifically for the pickleball addict, you are able to easily track relevant information about your rec games and drilling sessions, lessons and clinics. 

Armed with this information, you will better be able to improve your game and objectively analyze areas needing improvement.

planner calendars

Track Your Game for Improvement & Goal Attainment

Includes gear trackers – track your paddles, shoes purchases and more. Keep track of your pickleball goals and progress with the goal trackers. Also includes tournament results and venue trackers.

planner trackers

Resources to Aid Your Game

Includes product recommendations, skills checklists and an all-important resources page — as well as helpful health, practice, mental toughness, etiquette, and tournament tips for any level pickleball addict.

pickleball resources

Take a peek Inside the Pickleball Planner

"See for yourself how it will help your game!"

"Love the Pickleball Planner..."

"I just received my pickleball planner yesterday and I’m already a big fan. I’ve been journalling for five years on pads that seem to tear, get messy, and then get lost. Keeping them organized has been a big problem, so thank you for solving that for me... The quality of the spiral binding and the paper is great. The size is just right to put the book in my bag... The tips on every page cover all aspects of pickleball. The weekly quotes are thought provoking and inspirational. Note space regarding paddles, shoes, and venues are helpful and well organized. I always take notes on the venue and who plays there and what I learned that day."

- Martha R. 

What You'll Get...

The Pickleball Planner is so much more than a planner!

pickleball planner

"2022 can be your best year in pickleball!"

Achieve your goals on and off of the court! The trackers, calendars, checklists and motivational quotes in the Pickleball Planner will help keep you organized and focused on your pickleball goals.

Achieve Your Goals On and Off the Court!

Purchase the Pickleball Planner for $34.99 $24.99 + shipping & handling

(Ordering 2 or more planners? Use code 'MULTI10' for 10% off your entire purchase!)

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"The Pickleball Planner is so much more..."

"The Pickleball Planner is so much more than just a planner! It not only keeps  me organized, but it also serves as a guide to improve my game. I also love that it's the perfect size to fit in my pickleball bag."

- Terri G.

After months — or perhaps, even years — of playing, your improvement has plateaued...  

We've all been there.  As you began your pickleball journey, you improved seemingly every day. It was great!  Now, however, you're stuck in a rut.  You're playing the same people every day. You're making the same mistakes on the court. And, perhaps, it's just not quite as fun anymore.

Don't let another day go by without taking the necessary action which will lead to improvement and fun in the process. 

The 2022 Pickleball Planner will give you the motivation to keep going, the tips & strategies to catapult your game and the trackers to keep you organized and accountable!

Make 2022 your best year yet!

Included in the Planner...

  • Monthly and Weekly Calendars
  • Motivational Quotes
  • Pickleball Checklists
  • Pickleball Strategies and Tips
  • Equipment Trackers
  • Tournament Trackers
  • Venue Trackers
  • Resource Pages

Planner Specifications

  • BindingBlack Spiral Bound
  • # of Pages: 132 Double-sided
  • Size: 6.5" x 9"
  • Paper Weight:  80# coated with glossy cover

Achieve Your Goals On and Off the Court

Purchase the Pickleball Planner for $34.99 $24.99 + shipping & handling

(Ordering 2 or more planners? Use code 'MULTI10' for 10% off your entire purchase!)

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