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  • pickleball towels

    Pickleball Towels

    Don’t forget to take a towel with you to the pickleball court!

    PickleballMAX partners with Fromuth Pickleball to bring you a variety of towels to meet your pickleball needs!

    Use discount code 10MAX for 10% off of your purchase! (some exclusions apply)

    Click on the ‘View Towels‘ button to shop for pickleball towels.

  • pickleball headband

    Women’s Non-Slip Headband


    The PickleballMAX non-slip headband, featuring distressed pickleballs and the “Picklebility | Maximize It” moniker, will wick away sweat, stay on your head, and manage your hair so you can dominate your opponents on the pickleball court. Well, we can’t guarantee domination — but we can guarantee it’ll be effective and that you’ll look good at the same time! :)