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What to Wear for Pickleball? Clothing that’s Comfortable and Functional

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When getting ready to venture onto the pickleball court for the first time, you might wonder, “What do you wear to play pickleball”? Pickleball is a sport where you can wear different clothing depending on your style, comfort level, and weather.

Unlike other sports in which you have to wear a uniform, equipment, or extra padding, pickleball is easy and is less expensive to outfit.

Some pickleball players dress similarly to those who play tennis. Some keep it simple and wear a shirt and shorts while others have a style all their own.

Before heading out on the pickleball court, make sure you check out our pickleball clothing guide below.

We will categorize different attire in the article below by Men’s and Women’s apparel, but before we get too far, here are the types of pickleball clothing we recommend:

What to Look for in Pickleball Clothing

Depending on your style and preference, there are different things to look for when shopping for pickleball clothing. Wearing the proper clothing when playing pickleball can either assist or hinder your performance. You definitely want to wear something comfortable, breathable, functional, fits well, and is easy to move around in.

Fortunately, as pickleball has progressed, the style of clothing has also progressed so you don’t have to neglect it in order to wear something functional.

Be sure to consider some of the following questions before making your clothing purchase:

  • What type of fabric do you like? Do you want something that is moisture-wicking? Do you need spandex fabric that stretches so as you lose weight when playing your clothes adjust with you:)? Are you looking for fabric that’s more sustainable?
  • Do you want to wear clothing that includes UV protection?
  • Are you someone who likes patterns and vibrant colors, or do you like solid colors?
  • If you’re a woman, do you prefer to play in shorts or skirts and dresses?
  • Do you want to wear something that has built-in pockets for your keys, phone, and/or pickleballs?
  • Are you playing during colder months? You might want to consider pants or leggings to keep your legs warm.

What Pickleball Apparel Do the Pros Wear?

Many times, the pickleball pros wear the clothing of their sponsor. You can see which paddles the pros use here for an idea of who might be their sponsor.

There are some pros who work with particular clothing brands to design their own collection. For example, the mother/daughter pickleball duo, the Waters, has an activewear collection by Faye + Florie in which they have curated the looks of outfits. In addition to Leigh and Anna Leigh Waters, Faye + Florie has also collaborated with pickleball pros Michelle Esquivel and Martina Kochli to design vibrant pickleball skirts.

You can find great pickleball clothing at big-name brands such as Adidas and Fila. You can also find clothing from pickleball brands that are known for their paddles such as Selkirk and Head. In addition, there are other activewear brands that are catering specifically to pickleball, such as Faye + Florie, Pickleball Bella, and Dona Jo.

The following is the pickleball attire that we recommend. We have divided the list into Men’s and Women’s. We also suggest some accessories you should remember to consider at the bottom of the list.

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Men’s Pickleball Clothing

The following are items that men could wear to play pickleball.

Men’s Shirts

Men’s pickleball shirts come in many different colors and styles. There is sure to be a shirt to suit your style here.

Short-Sleeve Shirts

It’s important to wear a shirt that is breathable for those times when you get hot on the court. Men’s short-sleeved shirts are typically made of polyester or cotton fabric. Some come with moisture-absorbing fabric or anti-odor technology that reduces bacteria. Some shirts feature mesh to keep them breathable. Other shirts have fabric with UV protection to guard against harmful rays.

This particular shirt is a FILA Essentials Heathered Mesh Crew. It includes anti-odor technology that effectively reduces the development of bacteria and odor while also wicking moisture away from your skin. It features mesh on the back yoke and sleeve insert as well as fabric with 30+ UV Protection.

Men’s Polo Shirt

If you would like to dress up on the court, wearing a polo shirt is a great option. Polos come in both long and short sleeves. Like a short-sleeved t-shirt, polo shirts can be made of moisture-wicking fabric with UV protection.

This particular relaxed-fit polo is from BloqUV. It has a four-button placket and smooth BloqTeq SPF performance fabric. It is moisture-wicking and antimicrobial, odor-resistant. It is also shrink resistant.

Men’s Long Sleeve

For those cooler days or protection from the sun, a long-sleeved shirt is perfect to wear. Long-sleeved shirts are comfortable and allow flexibility of movement.

This particular relaxed-fit shirt is a BloqUV Jet Long Sleeve Tee. It offers UPF 50+ protection. It has soft, lightweight, 4-way stretch fabric. It is moisture-wicking and antimicrobial, odor-resistant. It is also shrink resistant.

Men’s Jacket

men's jacket
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Men’s pickleball jackets can be worn both on and off the court.

This Lotto Smart Training Jacket is lightweight and comfortable. It is made of cotton/French terry. It has a full front zipper for easy closure. It has front pockets that are great for carrying essentials or extra pickleballs.

Men’s Pickleball Shorts

Many brands make shorts that are great for being on the court. When shopping for shorts, make sure that you find a pair that is comfortable and breathable. Also, make sure they’re the correct length for you. You don’t want shorts that are too short or too long to hinder movement on the court.

These shorts are the Adidas Ergo 7″. They are ergonomically designed to give you full movement on the court. They are made with soft, stretchy, moisture-wicking AEROREADY fabric to keep you comfortable. They have front pockets to hold pickleballs and a drawcord on an elastic waist.

Men’s Pickleball Pants

If you’re playing pickleball in cooler weather, pickleball pants are a great option. They give you an extra layer of warmth. They can be worn as you warm up, or even as you play. Be sure to wear shorts underneath so you take these off if you get too warm!

These are Adidas Stretch Woven Primeblue Pants. They are made of 100% recycled polyester moisture-wicking fabric. They have front pockets with a cuffed hem to keep a snug fit. The pants have an elastic waist with a draw cord.

Men’s Boxer Briefs

Feel comfortable and supported under your pickleball clothing with breathable boxers.

These are mid-rise, regular fit 2UNDR Swing Shift Boxer Briefs. These boxer briefs are made with a smooth beechwood fiber modal fabric blend. The material resists shrinkage and is less likely to fade. It also rejects hard water deposits, allowing it to stay soft through repeated wash cycles. These boxer briefs are tagless and chafe-free. They have a premium 32mm roll-resistant waistband and signature quick access front fly -Joey Pouch for support and comfort.

Women’s Pickleball Clothing

The following are different types of pickleball apparel that women can wear to play pickleball.

Women’s Shirts

There are many different styles of shirts that women can wear for playing pickleball. Depending on your style and preference, there’s sure to be a shirt for you!

Women’s Short Sleeve Tee

Short sleeve tees are great to wear on the pickleball court. They are comfortable and functional.

This is a slim-fit Lotto Top Ten Tee. It is made from soft moisture-wicking fabric. It features cap sleeves and a scoop neck.

Women’s Tank Top

Look great when you play! Tank tops are totally functional and great to wear when playing on warm days.

This is a FILA Essentials Full Coverage Tank. This tank is made of a polyester/spandex blend. It has a seamline down the center back and binding at the armhole and neckline.

Women’s Tie-Back Tank

A newer look that has hit the pickleball scene is a women’s tie-back tank. Tie-back tanks keep you cool on the court. They are comfortable and airy. It looks like a tank top from the front and has an open back.

This Faye + Florie Tie-Back Tank is part of The Waters line. It is made of 100% polyester. It fits true to size and allows for adjustments with a chic tie-back.

Women’s Long Sleeve Top

Wearing a long sleeve shirt provides extra coverage when playing in cooler climates. Lightweight long-sleeve shirts can also provide protection from the sun.

This multi-functional BloqUV 24/7 Long Sleeve Top is called 24/7 because you can practically live in it! It has UPF 50 advanced sun protection technology built-in. It is made of moisture-wicking, quick-dry, lightweight, 4-way stretch fabric that is shrink-resistant. It is also antimicrobial and odor-resistant. It features thumb holes for hand protection and a shoulder pocket for your credit card, key, or phone.

Women’s Pickleball Jacket

A pickleball jacket is great for cooler days to wear on or off the court.

This FILA Essentials Jacket allows you to move comfortably on the court. It is made with breathable four-way stretch fabric that moves with your body and wicks moisture away from your skin. It features 50+ UV Protection fabric, thumbholes, and a faux vent at the center back for added breathability. It has a self-fabric collar and raglan sleeves. It features a full front zipper along with front zippered pockets.

Pickleball Skorts

Skorts are great to wear when playing pickleball. They are a cross between a skirt and shorts. They are comfortable and stylish while providing the modest coverage of wearing shorts.

This Pickleball Bella Skort offers figure-flattering lines with two pleats both front and back. It is made from breathable four-way stretch polyester and spandex that includes UV protection. It features a comfy no-roll no-bind waistband and no-slip grip strip at leg openings so shorts don’t roll up or chafe. It also includes pockets for your phone and pickleballs.

Pickleball Skirts

Depending on your style, pickleball skirts are great to wear for playing pickleball. They are comfortable and breathable. There are all kinds of skirt styles to choose from such as A-line, straight-cut to flared, and ruffles.

This Faye + Florie Holly Skirt is part of The Waters Line. It is a slightly flared skirt with compression shorts. It is made with moisture-wicking polyester fabric. It features a 4″ wide elastic-free waistband and triangle gussets to help prevent chafing. It also includes a pocket for pickleballs.

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Pickleball Shorts

You can move around the court with ease while wearing pickleball shorts.

These Adidas Pacer 3 Stripe Woven Shorts are comfortable. They are made from 100% recycled polyester which is stretchy and moisture absorbing. They have a drawstring on an elastic waistband.

Pickleball Leggings

If you play pickleball during colder months, leggings are great to wear. Compared to capris which go mid-length down your leg, leggings offer full protection for your entire leg.

This Dona Jo JoJo Legging is lightweight, form-fitted, and breathable with its Light® 5-way stretch material. It also has a high-rise waistband and flat seams for coverage and support. The leggings feature deep side smartphone pockets on both sides.

Women’s Pickleball Pants

Pickleball pants are a great option to keep you warm if you’re playing pickleball in cooler weather. They can be worn as you warm up, or even as you play.

These Lotto Squadra Pants offer a classic, straight-leg silhouette with soft and lightweight French terry fabric for comfort. They have an elastic waistband with an inner drawcord. They have side pockets for convenient pickleball storage. They feature ribbed leg cuffs with zippers so you can take them on and off over your shoes.

Pickleball Dress

If you prefer to play in a 1 piece outfit, a pickleball dress is your best option.

Pickleball Sports Bra

sports bra
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Feel comfortable and supported under your pickleball clothing with a sports bra.

Pickleball Sun Sleeves


Sun sleeves give you added protection from harmful UV rays when playing many rec games or long tournaments.

These BloqUV Unisex Sun Sleeves provide 50+ UPF sun protection from mid-bicep to hands. These sleeves are made of soft, lightweight, 4-way stretch fabric that is shrink-resistant and odor-resistant. They feature thumb holes and silicone grippers to help hold them in place.

Additional Items to Wear When Playing Pickleball

When playing pickleball, in addition to wearing comfortable, functional clothing, you will also want to wear the proper shoes. Be sure to wear court shoes for mobility on the court.

Whether playing indoors or outdoors, you might also want to play with a hat or visor and eye protection. RIA has eyewear that is great for sunglasses and lenses that can change for indoor play to help with the lighting and provide eye protection.

You can look great and play comfortably with any of the pickleball clothing suggestions listed above! Whatever your style and preference are, there is an option for you! Have fun shopping!

See you on the courts!

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