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Enhance your pickleball performance

"The level of success achieved in competition is directly proportional to the intensity of practice employed before competing." 

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    Improve your Pickleball fundamentals
    Pickleball lessons will identify those areas in your game where your technique may be incorrect or fundamentally flawed.  Learn to break any bad habits that may be limiting your performance.  With a strong fundamental foundation, you can build upon and leverage additional skills and techniques that will make you a more well-rounded pickleball player.
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    Develop & Enhance your Pickleball Strategy & Tactical thinking skills
    Pickleball is perhaps the most strategic of all games.  Lessons will focus on strategy, developing your "court sense" and point construction.  Many game situations will be used to understand and implement tactics and strategies.  After a single lesson, you're sure to sharpen your tactical thinking skills on the court.  
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    Build Your Confidence and Mental Toughness
    Over time, with repetitive drilling that results in muscle memory, you will build the confidence and mental strength you'll need to compete and win against higher level players. 

About Todd

Todd is a 4.5 - 5.0 pickleball player and has been playing the sport since 2014. He has served as "head tournament referee" at the Middletown, OH USAPA sanctioned pickleball tournament for over 4 years and currently runs their tournament desk. He was the "Pickleball Specialist" at the Mason (OH) Community Center for 2 years where he gave beginning pickleball lessons and managed the pickleball program for 150+ seniors. He currently gives private lessons, and hosts clinics at The Pickle Lodge in West Chester, OH and at outdoor pickleball courts in Southwest Ohio. He loves teaching, coaching, running tournaments and seeing improvement in his students.

IPTPA Level II Certification:  March, 2018


What People Are Saying...


I enjoy each lesson with Todd, and always see noticeable improvement after working with him. he’s taken me from a 3.0 player to winning at the 4.5 level.

Todd has diligently worked with me on developing important aspects of my game – such as creating an effective 2-handed backhand (now a strength) and understanding prudent shot selection within the context of each rally. He has also helped improve my dinking consistency and effectiveness of my dinks by leveraging topspin on both the forehand and backhand.

All in all, he’s taken me from a 3.0 player to winning at the 4.5 level. I enjoy each lesson with Todd, and always see noticeable improvement after working with him. I recommend Todd's lessons to players of any level who want to improve their skills and take their Pickleball game to the next level.


I thoroughly enjoy our sessions... he inspires me to keep working to meet my goals.

“Weekly lessons with Todd over just 6 weeks have closed many gaps in my game. I am a 4.0 player working hard to move to next level, and Todd meets me where I am and with what I need each week based on my results.

Todd is extremely knowledgeable in the game and is an expert player himself. He provides clear, concise feedback and then drills with me until the muscle memory takes hold. I thoroughly enjoy our sessions and he inspires me to keep working to meet my goals.”


Each lesson has made marked improvement in my game.

“I am currently a 4.5, rising pickleball player. I began taking lessons from Todd Jungling because I needed to fine tune and hone in on skills I had, and skills I needed to continue my growth in the game. I am quick, fast hands, can return shots, however, I was still lacking in certain areas. I needed the know how, and an outsider who has the ability and insight that Todd has, to take me to the next level.

After my first lesson, I seriously felt the improvement and knowledge that I needed. I have continued weekly with lessons, and each lesson has made marked improvement in my game. Lessons are not just for beginners. Lessons are for those who realize they have room for improvement, and willing to work for it.”


Art Pickleball Lesson Testimonial

I have so much fun during my pickleball lessons with Todd

Here are three specific ways in which Todd has helped me improve my pickleball game:

1. Troubled Shot Improvement
Occasionally, I struggle with certain shots in game-play situations. Todd does a great job of recreating these situations on the practice court. He provides me with multiple iterations of the very specific shot(s) and technique needed to change my muscle memory. This was the principal reason I sought out a pro such as Todd. I have gotten better at these troubled shots with each lesson – and this improvement has also translated to game-play.

2. Technique Development
Like many players, I initially learned by watching others play. As a consequence, my pickleball mechanics could be better, such as my dink shots in the “kitchen." When I first started lessons, we spent a fair amount of time on the mechanics/fundamentals of this shot, including how I held the paddle. After several lessons, my “kitchen” play had improved to the point that I can now push Todd when we drill and make him play at an even higher level to beat me.

Todd has also introduced me to several important shots which I did not have previously, such as a consistent top spin volley to keep my opponent pinned to the baseline. That shot is now one of my favorites.

3. Having Fun
My comment to my wife, or anyone who runs into me after a lesson, is how much fun I had just had at my pickleball lesson. There is a real joy to playing a sport you love with an excellent player who works with you to get better and has a lot of fun while doing so.


Pickleball Lessons:  Results, baby!

Improve your pickleball fundamentals, develop & enhance your strategy & tactical thinking skills and build confidence and mental toughness.  Like I said, results, baby!

Private Lesson ($70 @ the Pickle Lodge)

Learn pickleball fundamentals, proper shot technique and strategy in a 1-hour, one-on-one setting with an IPTPA Level II Certified Pickleball Teaching Professional.  Each lesson will be adapted to your strengths & weaknesses.  Includes lots of drilling!

Semi-Private Lesson ($45/player @ The Pickle Lodge)

Perfect for you and one other — perhaps your doubles partner.  Includes instruction on proper shot techniques with an emphasis on doubles court positioning, decision-making and strategy.  1 hour session.  Includes lots of drilling.  IPTPA Level II Certified Pickleball Teaching Professional.  

3 & Me Lesson ($33.33/player @ The Pickle Lodge)

You play games with 3 players and an IPTPA Level II Certified Pickleball Teaching Professional.  Special emphasis on strategy, shot selection, court positioning, and moving together as a team.


Hosted by an IPTPA Level II Certified Pickleball Teaching Professional, we have developed several clinics — from introductory sessions where rules, scoring, technique and footwork are emphasized — to more advanced sessions where we show participants how to beat "bangers," how to use the 3rd shot drop and more!

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As of November 15, 2023 (and thru approximately March, 2024), pickleball private lessons, group lessons and clinics will take place exclusively at the Pickle Lodge in West Chester, OH.  Please reach out if you have any questions.  See you soon!

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