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Functional and Stylish Ladies Pickleball Bags

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Pickleball. Check. Functional. Check. Fashionable. Check. Georgie & Lou melds these concepts together with their luxurious and stylish ladies’ pickleball bags. As a woman, these bags will accentuate your personality on and off the court.

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Whether you’re a competitive tournament player or one who enjoys playing recreationally, the Georgie & Lou bags are a great way to stay organized and protect your pickleball equipment – all while being fashionable.

From a practical standpoint, there are many items you may want to stow away and have easy access to while on the court – including sunglasses, keys, water bottle, sunscreen, extra shoes, and clothing. Having a bag in which to carry everything makes your playing experience all the more enjoyable. You can stay on the court instead of running out to your car between games to get something you need.

Founding of Georgie & Lou

Georgie & Lou was founded by an all-woman team. Lori Manzer and Mimi Kuchman grew up in families partial to racquet sports. Lori and Mimi became interested in pickleball in 2017. At that time, they saw a need in the pickleball space for practical-but-fashionable pickleball accessories.

Lori and Mimi became business partners and founded Georgie & Lou to inspire a spirit of fun and fashion mixed with athleticism. They are product members of the Female Founders Collective, a network of businesses led by women, supporting women.

Fashionable Ladies Pickleball Bags

Georgie & Lou bags are made from materials that are luxurious, yet lightweight and durable. The vegan leather material wipes clean easily. The bags have solid metal hardware that makes them durable and secure. They are spacious with multiple storage options, including interior pockets to hold pickleballs and a front pocket for paddles that don’t take up interior space. Their pockets are zippered so you can keep your valuables safe while you play.

Another nice feature their bags offer is that they stand up straight and do not tip over. This means no spilled items everywhere. Additionally, some of their bags even offer a carabiner system designed to keep your bag lifted off of the ground which is great for keeping it away from dirt and bugs.


They offer many designs and colors to match any personality.

Georgie & Lou boasts a high-end collection that is comfortable to carry with adjustable/removable straps. Their bags work well both on and off the court. Even non-pickleball players love them!

You would fall in love with this bag even if you weren’t a pickleball player.” – Forbes

“The Must-Have Accessory for America’s Fastest Growing Sport” – USA WIRE

“Stylish and engineered to perfection.” – The Quality Edit

Women love their Georgie & Lou bags because they are not only stylish, but everything fits perfectly in place. It doesn’t look like a typical athletic bag so it’s easy to take with you to run errands before or after pickleball. An added bonus is that it’s great for travel. It’s comfortable to carry on a plane and can be filled to the brim.

A Georgie & Lou ladies’ pickleball bag makes a great gift for the athletic and stylish woman in your life. Visit to find the perfect bag.

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