Sports devotional for pickleball
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Pickleball Is [Not] Life Sports Devotional

Pickleball is great! And, as such, it has become the “fastest-growing sport in America.” The growth of pickleball is absolutely exploding! However, with all of the growth, there hasn’t been a pickleball sports devotional….until now.

I’m excited to introduce you to Pickleball Is [Not] Life: A pickleball sports devotional!

Pickleball Is Life

Pickleball is Life! You hear that term a lot among players. And for good reason. It’s fun. It’s competitive. It’s social. It’s active. It’s easy to learn. It reduces stress and it can create healthy habits in those that play. The game provides many benefits and is enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds!

As someone who follows professional pickleball and the business side of pickleball, I am amazed at how much time and effort people give to the sport. Locally, I assist my husband with clinics and tournaments. Players are addicted to the sport and are on the court for hours every day. I always wonder what they did with their time before pickleball.

Nudged by God

With the growth of the sport skyrocketing – and locally, with the people that we meet on the courts – I started to get nudged by God. He would show me players who love the sport and are seemingly addicted to it – yet are still missing something. That something is Him.

There are countless stories of how pickleball has positively impacted players’ lives. While the benefits are certainly clear, they are also temporal. While pickleball can undoubtedly help in many areas of your life – there’s only one thing that can help in ALL areas of your life and beyond – and that is having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. He is life and He is the most important thing!

A Pickleball Book Sports Devotional

With that being said, God laid the idea for a book on my heart. I definitely didn’t feel qualified to write a devotional book. Actually, I put it off for a while. However, between God continuing to tug at my heart and my husband encouraging me to start writing it, this book became a reality.

I’m excited to share the book with you! It’s titled, “Pickleball Is [Not] Life” with the subtitle, “Pickleball Is Great. God Is Greater!”

I pray this book will draw you closer to God. If you don’t know Christ as your personal Savior, I pray that you will ultimately make a decision to follow Him. For those who already know Him, I pray this book can be used as a resource in your pickleball club or church group.

In addition to providing a framework for drawing closer to God, the book provides tips and strategies to improve your pickleball game.

What’s Included in the Book

The 82-page color paperback book was written to give you a simple daily devotional for 31 days. Each of the 31 days consists of the following:

  • Topic or Theme for the day
  • Bible verse(s) related to that topic
  • A short commentary on the verses/topic
  • Pickleball tip
  • Questions or challenges to ponder
  • An area for you to write down some goals (spiritual or pickleball) as it relates to the daily topic
  • An area to write out a prayer related to the daily topic

Also included in the book are 30 bonus pickleball strategies, and a pickleball techniques checklist.

Find Inspiration On and Off the Court

Whether you’re looking for pickleball tips and strategies to improve your game, or you’re looking for a sports devotional, this pickleball book is for you!

Grow on and off the court! “Pickleball Is [Not] Life” can be purchased here.

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About Teresa

Teresa is the idea-maker behind PickleballMAX. Teresa joins Todd to manage and market PickleballMAX. She creates pickleball content and assists with pickleball tournaments. In 2023, she wrote a pickleball devotional book titled Pickleball Is [Not] Life

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