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2023 Pickleball Gift Guide

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It’s that time of year! The joy of giving is in the air. If you’re on the hunt for gifts for the pickleball addict in your life, look no further. In this guide, you’ll find a selection of great pickleball gift ideas for 2023.


Georgie & Lou Bags

Georgie & Lou offers stylish pickleball bags to move you effortlessly from the court to everyday activities. As noted below, their roomy bags are great for players!

  • “Best Pickleball Bag.” – Women’s Health Magazine
  • “You would fall in love with this bag even if you weren’t a Pickleball Player.” – FORBES
  • “Stylish & engineered to perfection.” – Quality Edit
  • “The must-have accessory for America’s fastest growing sport.” – USA Wire
  • “We swear this bag has elevated our Pickleball game.” – Daily Candid

Use discount code 10MAX for 10% off!

Jigsaw Electrolytes

Every player should keep hydrated on the court to play their best. Jigsaw Health provides great options to do that. They even cater to pickleball players by offering the Pickleball Cocktail. Support healthy muscle function, keep energized, and replenish electrolytes with Jigsaw.

Save $10 on your purchase with the code ‘PICKLEBALLMAX10‘.

Jigsaw Electrolytes
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RIA Eyewear

It’s important to protect your eyes from both the sun and errant balls while on the court. 

RIA checks the boxes for complete eyewear you can wear on the court. Their glasses offer:

  • 100% UVA/B protection,
  • impact protection featuring shatter-proof lenses,
  • anti-reflective technology, 
  • anti-fogging properties
pickleball glasses
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Every player will always need pickleballs. While there are many brands to choose from, popular ball brands are Dura, Onix, and Franklin. Another leading paddle brand, Selkirk, recently launched its new pickleball, the Pro S1. if you’re looking to add to a player’s arsenal, you can’t go wrong with any of these balls

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With so many paddles on the market, it’s hard to know which one to pick. Of course, every player has a paddle preference, but when choosing a paddle as a gift, it might be best to choose a paddle the pros use. The best Women’s player uses a paddle from Paddletek. The best Men’s player plays with a Joola. Both are great brands!

Use our code 10MAX to save an additional 10% when you buy your paddle at Fromuth Pickleball.

Use discount code 10MAX for 10% off!

Stocking Stuffers

AIRfeet Insoles

AIRfeet is a DYNAMIC Active Arch Support Insole stimulating the foot muscles, inducing critical circulation, and providing life-changing results.

Plantar Fasciitis, Flat Feet, Foot & Knee Pain, Leg Fatigue, Lower Back Pain – AIRfeet are placed right into your shoe. Just slip them in.

Endorsed by champion Senior Pros. Proudly supporting our military globally, multiple editorials, clinically tested. If you don’t like them, just send them back!

Use ‘PBMAX35FS’ to receive 35% off and free shipping!

Pickleball is [Not] Life Book

This 31-Day Bible Devotional includes pickleball tips and strategies. This book is a great gift to give someone to start the new year! 

The book includes daily devotionals, daily pickleball tips, pickleball checklists, 30 bonus pickleball strategies, and more.

pickleball sports devotional
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Every addicted player can always use overgrip to customize their paddles. Overgrip not only provides comfort when holding the paddle, but it also reduces moisture so players can keep a firm grip. There are different grip styles, sizes, and colors to choose from.

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Pickleball Doubles Strategy Blueprint

The Pickleball Doubles Strategy Blueprint is a 10-page PDF instant download that outlines a systematic, practical, and easy-to-follow approach that will help any level pickleball player win more games!

The Doubles Blueprint includes Flowcharts and Decision-trees to help you select the most appropriate shot; Technique Checklists; and Strategies.

Additional Pickleball Gifts

While the items listed above are great gift ideas, be sure to check out even more ideas at both Pickleball Central and Fromuth Pickleball. You’ll be sure to find the perfect pickleball gift!

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About Teresa

Teresa is the idea-maker behind PickleballMAX. Teresa joins Todd to manage and market PickleballMAX. She creates pickleball content and assists with pickleball tournaments. In 2023, she wrote a pickleball devotional book titled Pickleball Is [Not] Life

Pickleball Doubles Strategy Blueprint
  • Flowcharts & Decision-trees
  • Technique Checklists
  • Serve, Return, 3rd Shot & 4th Shot Strategies
  • 10-page downloadable PDF that outlines a systematic, practical and easy-to-follow approach that will help any level pickleball player WIN MORE GAMES!
pickleball doubles strategy blueprint
Fromuth Pickleball – Use Code “10MAX” for 10% Off!
Fromuth Pickleball
Jigsaw Health – Discount Code!
Use Code “PickleballMAX10” at Checkout for $10 off your Jigsaw Order.
Jigsaw Health
RIA Performance Eyewear
  • 100% UVA/UVB protection
  • Impact-resistant & shatterproof lenses
  • Lightweight, anti-fogging, and vision-enhancing (contrast of the ball to the court)
pickleball glasses

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