Pickleball PokerMAX

90-Minute pickleball clinic focusing on strategies and technique for hitting an effective forehand drive. Win competitions and challenges to improve your Poker hand!!! Best poker hand wins!!! Ideal for "intermediate" players (not intended for those new to the game of pickleball).

PokerMAX-Be a Banger

Be a Banger (Forehand Drive)

  • 45 minutes of instruction.  Learn strategies and technique for hitting an effective forehand drive.
  • 45 minutes of challenges & competitions.  Win "be a banger" competitions and challenges and improve your poker hand by doing so.
  • Play your hand.  At the end, play your cards, and, hopefully, walk away with best poker hand. Stick around and play for any remaining time.
  • COST: $30/person
  • Limited to 8 players
  • LOCATION: Lefferson Park, 2201 S Breiel Blvd, Middletown, OH 
  • INSTRUCTOR: Todd Jungling, IPTPA Level II Certified Teaching Professional

Every participant will be dealt 5 cards.  During the clinic, we'll incorporate unique and fun challenges/competitions that will reinforce the techniques and strategies learned and "winners" of the challenges will get the opportunity to improve their hand(s).  Anyone can win... even if you didn't win any of the challenges!

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