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  • Steve Dawson Pickleball Master Course

    Pickleball Master Course by Steve Dawson

    The Pickleball Master Course by pickleball legend, Steve Dawson, is, arguably, the most comprehensive Pickleball Master Course ever made.

    The Pickleball Master Course includes 23 modules and 51 videos that cover every essential element of the game of pickleball.

  • Pickleball for Beginners - Online Course

    Pickleball for Beginners Online Course

    The Pickleball for Beginners online course takes you thru all aspects of the game of pickleball — including information about courts, where to find a court near you, what to expect when you visit a pickleball club or venue for the first time, ratings, tournaments, etiquette, safety and rule clarifications.

    The course also focuses on having a proper ready position(s) and the correct grip as well as a primer (including video) on various shots and fundamental shot-making techniques. The course also focuses on strategies that will help you succeed on the court and so much more!