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Meet Me [on the Pickleball Courts]

A little about me.  Pickleball — invented on a summer afternoon on Bainbridge Island, WA — was just 6-years old when I was born. Skipping ahead almost two decades, I did my undergraduate studies at Hope College (and played tennis there… Go Dutchmen!).  A few years later, I got my MBA from Michigan State University (Go Green!).

I spent several years in Corporate America working in the Lowe’s Companies, Inc. logistics organization in North Carolina and in the merchandise finance and supply chain group at Kmart Corporation in Michigan.

For approximately 15 years, I owned a digital marketing/social media business.  I’m married to my best friend – who also runs her own business and blogs on the topics of toxins and health & wellness.

My Pickleball Roots

In terms of my pickleball experience, I remember playing it in Physical Education Class in 7th or 8th grade.  I didn’t pick it up again until November, 2014 when my mother-in-law mentioned they were playing it at our local church, Woodside Bible Church, in Troy, Michigan.  I’ve been hooked ever since and absolutely love playing pickleball.

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For approximately 2 years, I was the “Pickleball Specialist” (newly created position) at a local Community Center where I managed and grew the pickleball program to 150+ seniors.  Since November, 2017, I have been the Pickleball Instructor at the Court Yard Sportsplex in southwest, Ohio.

Today, I am a 4.5 – 5.0 pickleball player and IPTPA Level II Certified Pickleball Teaching Professional. I give private lessons (individual/group), host clinics and organize pickleball tournaments at outdoor pickleball courts and indoor sports facilities throughout Ohio and surrounding area.

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Tennis at a Young Age with a Wood Racket!

Ping Pong & Tennis – Sports that Influenced me on the Pickleball Court

Pickleball is a cross between tennis and Ping-Pong.  Although I’ve only been playing pickleball since November, 2014, I have been playing ping-pong and tennis for much longer.  I remember playing ping-pong as a youngster with my older brother and dad.

To this day, we all still play on special family occasions such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I started playing tennis when I was 7 or 8.  I continued playing tennis throughout high school and even played during my four years at Hope College.

Now, with the exception of a week or two during the year, the pickleball paddle has completely replaced the tennis racket.

Maximize your Picklebility!

Take some time to explore this site.  It is our goal to help you maximize your picklebility — your ability, passion and addiction to the sport we all love!  And while you’re at, make sure you check out our product recommendations for the pickleball addict – and, of course, don’t forget to sign up for our pickleball newsletter.

See you on the courts!

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Royal Oak Pickleball Tournament with my Brother
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Coach Todd
About Todd

Todd is the talent behind PickleballMAX. He knows pickleball and demonstrates it on the court as a 4.5 – 5.0 player. In addition to creating content and running the PickleballMAX business, Todd is IPTPA Level II certified. As an instructor at the Ohio Pickleball Academy, he instructs students and runs adult and youth clinics. He also manages tournament desks throughout the tri state for tournaments ranging from 100-500 participants.

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  1. Hello, I am also from Michigan and I’ve been going to pickleball mixers at my club! Because the nicer weather is approaching, do you of any outdoor pickleball courts in the Metro Detroit Area (Or maybe a website that will show outdoor pickleball courts)? Thank you!

    1. Hi Joe, Fortunately, there are quite a few options for playing outdoors in the Metro Detroit area. Whittier Park in Royal Oak is a great option. Upton Park is also a great option in Royal Oak. You can go to the “Places to Play” section of the USAPA website for a complete listing. Hope this helps. Todd

  2. Looking forward to meeting you this summer. Although I played in a few tournaments last year in and near Grand Rapids, I don’t think we have met. My name is Christie Borne. My company is Pickleball Sisters and my sister Janet Weston lives in Rockford. I will be playing 3 tournaments in Grand Rapids and Lake Odessa, so let’s meet and talk about pickleball and the Lord since I saw you attended church at Woodside Bible Church! What a great combination!

    1. Hi Christie, Thanks for stopping by. Hope to make it up to west Michigan this summer. I’m sure I will and look forward to seeing you then. What a great sport, where you can team up with your sister and make an impact in the world of pickleball! Love what you’re doing! See you on the courts! Todd

  3. I live in Houston Texas and very few people have heard of Pickleball and there are not many places to play it. Any ideas on how to get the word out and get people interested? I have played tennis for 40 years and have just discovered what a great sport Pickleball is for people of all ages. I would love to make it a Hot Sport in Houston! Any tips would be appreciated.

    1. Hi Paige, I love that you’re anxious to grow pickleball in Houston, Texas. One thing I have done that has been quite effective, is doing a demonstration with a couple of friends at a local community center or church. When people see it in action — and actually try it themselves — they’re immediately hooked. You may also want to get with your local, USAPA Ambassador and offer any help you could provide. My guess is your local, USAPA ambassador will be eager to work with you and take advantage of your enthusiasm. Man, do I love pickleball! Wishing y’all good luck in Houston! See you on the courts! Todd

    2. Download PBFinder on your iPhone. The locator shows where they play Pickleball, the time and, most importantly, the Point Of Contact (POC). I travel for work, and usually find places to play while traveling. I usually call the POC to confirm that they are indeed playing on the day indicated on the app. Lots of places to play in Houston. Pickle on!

  4. Hello there. I see where you went to Hope College. I never heard of Hope College until I met Jorge Capestany. So, I am wondering if you know him. I am a tennis instructor who loves pickleball. I’ve been playing since November of 2016.

    1. Hi Mike, Thanks so much for responding. While I do not personally know Jorge Capestany, I do certainly know of him. From what I read, he sounds like a great guy — and a great teacher of tennis. I have even watched several of his tennis videos. Now my sister-in-law works at the Hope College tennis facility and does know him. Small world! Glad you love pickleball! It’s so much fun! See you on the courts!

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