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Use Jigsaw Health Coupon, PickleballMAX10, for $10 Off

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Use Jigsaw Health coupon code “PickleballMAX10” for $10 off your next purchase!

As savvy pickleball consumers, you, no doubt, want to feed your pickleball addiction in the most economically prudent way possible. As such, finding and using coupon codes, promo codes and discount codes are important strategies when it comes time to saving money on online pickleball purchases. In this post, I want to focus on one of the more influential pickleball online stores that use discount codes – Jigsaw Health.

What is a Coupon, Discount or Promo Code?

In the world of online retail, these three terms mean essentially the same thing.  A coupon code, promo code, or discount code is simply a code that consumers can populate when on a website’s cart page (or checkout page) to get a discount on their purchase – with that discount being of a fixed dollar amount or percentage-based variety.

How to Use an Online Coupon Code

Once you finish adding products to your online shopping cart, proceed to checkout. On the checkout page, look for the discount code box near your order total. Type “PickleballMAX10” in the box and click “apply”. You should then see your savings reflected on the order total. Continue to checkout to complete your purchase and enjoy your savings!

Jigsaw Health Coupon Code – PickleballMAX10

Jigsaw Health – perhaps you’re already familiar with their products.  If you’ve seen any of the APP or PPA pickleball tour events, you’ve, no doubt, seen the clever, often-times tongue-in-cheek commercials for Jigsaw Health – the official hydration and recovery vendor for each of the respective professional tours.

What makes Jigsaw Health so appealing to pickleball players is the fact that their business model is actually focused on pickleball.  And as pickleball addicts, it makes us feel good when we’re able to support one another.

So purchasing from Jigsaw Health is a win/win.  If you purchase anything on the Jigsaw Health website and use coupon code, PickleballMAX10, you will get $10 off your order – regardless of the size of the order. What a great way to support Jigsaw Health and, incidentally, a great way to support PickleballMAX as well.

Jigsaw Health – More Energy, Better Sleep & Prevent Cramping

Jigsaw Health is focused on pickleball and has developed, what they call, a 3-step plan for pickleball players:  (1) Fuel your muscles with Pickleball Cocktail when you wake up, (2) Hydrate and replenish with Electrolyte Supreme™ between matches and (3) Recover and sleep better with MagSoothe™.

Jigsaw Health also offers a host of other nutritional supplements that are healthy and designed to make you feel good.

Don’t Forget to Use Jigsaw Health Coupon Code, PickleballMAX10, at checkout for $10 off your purchase.

See you on the courts!

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Use Code “PickleballMAX10” at Checkout for $10 off your Jigsaw Order.
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