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Pickleball Court Colors: What are the Best Options?

Are you going to be building a pickleball court, or, are you planning to update the look of an existing court? Adding eye-catching colors can make your court stand out and be the envy of pickleball addicts everywhere.

While choosing the colors for your court can be fun, it, nevertheless, takes considerable planning. There are only a dozen or so color paint options that are offered for courts. Custom colors can be created, but they cost more and might not hold up well in different weather conditions.

Pickleball Court Color Combinations

When deciding on colors for your court, you may want to consider different colors for different sections of the court, including the 20′ x 44′ playing area, the non-volley zone (kitchen), and the court border – the area outside of the 20′ x 44′ playing area.

Some courts use three different colors – a unique color for each section.  With the right color combinations, these courts look especially sharp!

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Some courts use two colors – one color for the 20′ x 44′ playing area (including the non-volley zone) and a different color for the area outside of the 20′ x 44′ playing area.

Still, other courts use just one color for all three sections. The Villages in Florida is a good example of a court that uses just one color (green) for all sections of the court.

Whichever colors you choose, USA Pickleball advises that it needs to contrast with the color of the lines.

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Color Ideas to Fit Your Style

Are you someone who likes classic colors, or do you prefer colors that “pop?” Classic colors are green and blue. Colors that are vibrant or “pop” include purple, red, and some shades of blue.

If you are unsure of what colors to use, search online to see what others have used for tennis and pickleball courts. Pinterest and Instagram are helpful sites that provide lots of pictures.

Another idea is to use similar color combinations that schools, universities, or professional sports teams use. You could also look at color palettes to see which colors are complementary to each other. These ideas should get your creative juices flowing!  But be careful because, as in this Green Bay Packer example, a yellow ball would be really challenging to see as it travels through the non-volley zone.

What are the Different Pickleball Court Colors?

Pickleball courts can be painted in a variety of colors – limited only by your creativity and imagination. However, in the Midwest, the more popular color choices include shades of blue, green, and red. Those colors might vary to shades of brown and green as you travel out west.

The following are examples of popular court color combinations in the Midwest:

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What is the Best Color for a Pickleball Court?

The best colors for a pickleball court are those that offer a contrasting color to that of a pickleball. Although pickleballs can come in a variety of colors, the most popular outdoor ball colors are yellow and neon green. It’s imperative that the ball stands out against the court and doesn’t blend in.

It’s also important to consider the climate when selecting court colors. Light court colors work well in warm climates as dark colors attract heat from the sun. A light gray colored court can be up to 40 degrees cooler than a black colored court. If you live in a cooler or rainy climate, dark colors might be a good choice since they can help to evaporate water more quickly.

What Color is Pickleball Court Lines?

The lines on a pickleball court should be 2 inches wide and painted white. USA Pickleball recommends textured white paint for the lines.

Pickleball Court Color Schemes

There are a host of different reasons why someone picks one color over another for their court. If it’s a backyard court, complementing court colors to the color of the house may be an important consideration. If it’s a venue, having a court color scheme that matches the logo/brand is likely important.  If it’s a park, traditional colors may be favored.

Looking at a color palette is helpful since you will want complimentary colors for all three sections of the court.

Let’s take a look at a few colors to see what each portrays:

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Blue tends to be a calming color. Using different shades of blue can relax a player. However, some shades of blue can have different effects.  Sky blue, for example, is a vibrant and energetic color. It looks good in outdoor settings. 

Navy blue, on the other hand, is a classy look that exudes confidence and success. The dark tone gives a court depth and also provides a great contrast to white lines. 


Shades of green tend to represent nature, health, and harmony. It is a relaxing color that provides balance.

A mint green shade is a pleasant and inviting color. Green courts seem to go well in parks as they blend in with the park foliage. 


The color red represents passion, action, and excitement. Red is a warm color that can provide a distinct look on a court. It’s a color that draws attention. Depending on the colors surrounding a court, it might need to be toned down a little as it can be rather vibrant.  


Purple is typically associated with royalty and luxury. It is an uplifting color. Similar to the dark color of navy blue, a dark purple can give depth to a court and contrast well with white lines. Purple is also a good contrasting color to yellow, which is the color that most pickleballs are.


Brown represents stability and reliability. It is comforting, grounding, and rather simple. A tan shade can make a nice border color between a court and the grass. 


Gray is a neutral color. It is stable and reliable. It is also peaceful and soothing. Gray doesn’t draw attention but can be a great complementary color. 

Be Creative with Pickleball Court Colors

If you’re able, be sure to test your court colors before fully applying them. Colors can look different under fluorescent lights compared to being viewed outdoors in the sun and exposed to rain and snow. 

Your pickleball court is a reflection of something that you enjoy. When it comes to painting it, be creative and have fun with your court colors. Let us know in the comments below what color combination you prefer.

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